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A project is only as strong as its community. Use EGT Army to make your daily impact in spreading the word as we march on Austin towards Tesla headquarters.

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EGT in the Media

“The goat is sitting on a SpaceX rocket propelling past Earth and the Moon toward Mars like Elon’s vision. The goat is also surrounded by lightning to symbolize Tesla’s solar electricity and electric cars,” said designer Danny Wang.

Thousands were in attendance at the opening of Tesla’s Giga Factory in East Austin. The invite-only event attracted many far and near to get a glimpse of some of the action even if they weren’t able to make it inside.

Today, Elon GOAT Token ($EGT) announces the formation and selection of their A-list advisory panel. Bringing a wealth of experience with him, Jeff Hoffman has been the founder of multiple startups, the CEO of both public and private companies…

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